Coastal Charm allows you to combine discs and charms made from different metals to make a custom necklace or add to your own.

Nantucket has words, areas and beaches that mean something special to everyone who knows the island. Shells, starfish, Lightship baskets, sailboats, sand-filled glass cubes and hydrangea lockets are just a few of the pieces from which you can choose. Add a pearl or gem for color or sparkle.

Creating a personalized necklace or adding your existing collection is the perfect way to remember your summer memories on Nantucket.

Nantucket Diamond collection is a tribute to the longitude and latitude coordinates of the Island – 41 degrees north, 70 degrees west. Pieces are made of precious metals – platinum or yellow or white 14k gold – and embellished with diamonds.

Your jeweler can personalize them by engraving initials, a date or a message.


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